Why Pediatric Dentistry?

Why Pediatric Dentistry?

Our Mission
Making going to the dentist something kids actually want to do
Pediatric dentistry provides children with a firm foundation of dental health that will last a lifetime.

One of our core beliefs is that a child who has a positive experience at the dentist is much more likely to continue routine visits throughout their teen years and into adulthood. That experience is best delivered by a pediatric dentist.

Children typically have no expectations of a visit to the dentist and are much easier to treat than adults who have often made up their minds about dentistry. Grown-ups usually have decided how they feel about going to the dentist, which directly influences how often they go. By providing children a positive experience, we can set the tone for a lifetime of taking care of their teeth and their opinion of going to the dentist. In fact, that is our mission: To make going to the dentist something kids actually want to do.

At our pediatric dental office, we strive to create a fun, relaxing, safe environment for kids. After all, those little teeth are attached to some big personalities! Team Pollock has extensive experience working with kids and we have the skills, patience and experience to adapt to any child and any situation.

We use words and phrases that are age-appropriate to your child and that are always positive. For example, we don’t give “shots,” we make teeth fall asleep, or we’ll tell a patient that their lip may feel sleepy when we numb it. By doing this, we avoid negative sounding words and explain everything as we do it so there are no traumatic surprises. This creates trust between us and your child when our description matches their experience.

From toys and games in our waiting area to cookie dough-flavored toothpaste (and always a prize or two at the end of each visit!), we strive to make going to the dentist something kids actually look forward to.

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