Light Sedation

Light Sedation

If your child has dental issues that are causing pain and/or discomfort, they may need to be sedated during treatment

Some dental procedures require that your child be completely still, which, as you know, can be a challenge. Perhaps your child has anxiety or sensory issues to different noises. There may also be a lot of work to be done which would stretch beyond his or her level of patience.

Our goal is to always provide the safest and most stress-free dental care possible.

Dr. Pollock uses two very common, very safe methods to lightly sedate patients: Nitrous oxide and Versed (Midazolam.) This is a brief overview of each so you understand your options. Of course, since you are part of Team Pollock, we’ll decide together which is best for your child.

Nitrous oxide

Commonly called “laughing gas” or “giggle gas,” nitrous oxide is a mild sedative that children breathe in mixed with a little oxygen. Patients usually remain awake but in a much more relaxed state. After treatment, patients are put on 100% oxygen so they leave exactly how they came in!

Versed (Midazolam)

Versed sedation is a great option for our younger crew! This method involves your child sipping the medication from a cup. Patients remain awake so we might use this for short, invasive procedures. Versed acts as a retro-amnesia medicine which means that patients may not remember the dental procedure. After a couple of hours on the couch watching a favorite movie, your child will be fine!

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