New Patients

New Patients

The goal of Dr. Pollock is to provide children with a positive experience at the dentist to create a foundation of dental health that will last a lifetime.

Adults usually have preconceived attitudes of going to the dentist and the baggage that goes along with it, but children are blank canvases. By creating a fun, relaxing, safe environment for kids, we make going to the dentist something kids actually want to do.

We believe a positive experience at the dentist now means good dental health in the future.

With that in mind, we want to create a lasting relationship with you and your child. Dr. Pollock is very experienced in all aspects of pediatric dentistry. We know how to create a fun and anxiety-free environment that makes going to the dentist – fun!

We are accepting new patients and we look forward to serving you! We want to be your child’s dentist until they’re not a child anymore!

Once you have scheduled your child’s first dental visit with Dr. Pollock, it’s time to start preparing them emotionally. We recommend you:

  • Talk about the dentist positively, regardless of your own experiences
  • Speak of the dentist as a friend that helps them take care of their teeth
  • Avoid using negative words like drill, shot, numb, or hurt
  • Let them know that they can check out videos and fun coloring pages on our kids page before their visit.
  • Answer questions as best you can. If you can’t answer a question, tell them Dr. Pollock will answer their question during their visit
What to expect during your child’s first appointment

Dr. Pollock understands that any new experience can be scary. But a trip to the dentist doesn’t need to be! Our team will do everything short of standing on our heads to make your child feel comfortable (OK, we might stand on our heads!) we want your child’s visit to be a pleasant memory, because kids that feel comfortable at the dentist are more likely to go as adults, and that is our mission.

At his or her first visit, we will begin once they are comfortable. First, we will do a complete exam to make sure there are no areas of decay or damage. Then we’ll clean their teeth and teach them how to properly brush and floss. If we find cavities or other areas of concern, we’ll discuss the recommended treatment options with you and answer all of your questions.

Have your child avoid the following foods:

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