Dr. Pollock recommends seeing children early, typically by age two, unless there is a concern. We also strongly suggest creating a regular dental exam and cleaning schedule to keep your children’s teeth healthy and cavity-free as they grow.

Baby teeth are just like grown-up teeth and are vulnerable to tartar and plaque and can develop cavities and even become infected. Team Pollock is here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

It’s also important to remember that even though baby teeth are temporary, they play a large role in how your child’s adult teeth emerge.

How to prepare your child for a dental cleaning

This is the most important part – Always be positive about going to the dentist! Focus on the fun aspects of coming to our office, like our awesome team members, the games and toys, learning about teeth from Dr. Pollock, and the special reward they’ll get when they are finished!

Also, never refer to going to the dentist as something your child “has” to do; instead, explain that it is a normal part of taking care of their health and is something that every grown-up does (kids love thinking they are grown-ups!). Finally, make your child feel more comfortable by reminding them that you will be there for them, and that they have nothing to fear when they come in for their dental cleaning.

What to expect during a dental cleaning

You’ll have the chance to talk with a member of Team Pollock about anything that has been an issue for your child before a hygienist examines his or her mouth with a small mirror to check the condition of the teeth, gums, and oral tissue.

Plaque and tartar removal

Our dental hygienist will use a tool called a scaler to remove plaque and tartar buildup from the teeth and the areas near the gum line. Team Pollock hygienists are very gentle and will do everything possible to keep your child comfortable during their cleaning.


Next, your child’s teeth are polished by using a motorized toothbrush and a gritty toothpaste. This part of the cleaning is a bit noisy but feels just like using a turbocharged toothbrush!

We have lots of different toothpaste flavors to choose from including classics like bubble gum and mint, and some funky flavors like chocolate and root beer.

Dr. P will check after flossing and then we will brush or paint on a fluoride vitamin to make sure the teeth stay nice and healthy.

Rinsing and flossing

Your child will swish water around their mouth to rinse away the toothpaste and then their teeth are carefully flossed by a hygienist to clean between the teeth.

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